Index Card a Day

I recently completed the “Index Card a Day” challenge, hosted by  Every year from June 1 to July 31, people from around the world join together do something creative on an index card every day.  The only rule – the creation must be on an actual, cheap & flimsy index card.  No fancy papers cut to size!  The lowly and disposable index card helps discourage perfectionist thinking, which frees up the mind for endless creative possibilities.

I was desperately feeling the need for this kind of mindset!  I had blocked my creativity with feelings of inadequacy and the desire to make perfect artwork.  I’d been taking a lot of on-line art classes, which taught me so much.  But, they also skewed my expectations. I felt like I should be making art comparable to the teachers of the classes – and, of course, I couldn’t do that!

I started my “ICAD” project with paper cut characters. I’d never really done paper cutting before, hadn’t read any books or taken any classes – which was the point.  I didn’t have any preconceived expectations – I was just having fun!







Then, when I reached day 35 of the 61 days, I was tired of cutting paper and ready to draw again – this time in a free, joyful way.

I have to admit that I was glad when the 61 days were completed.  It was an excellent project, but I was ready to be done with the constraint of index cards.  I’d highly recommend the project to anyone looking to re-boot their creativity.  It certainly helped me – and now I have 61 fun cards to inspire my future projects!